Intro to My Shelf Space

After a full summer (and now part of the fall!) of my partner poking and prodding me, insisting that I should start a blog because I read so much, I finally did it!

If you’re a Millennial like me, you can probably relate to the numbing ennui that comes along with our generation’s defining buzzword, “funemployment.” In an attempt to keep my mind from turning to mush and spilling its student loan funded content out of every orifice in my head, I’ve been devouring books at a furious pace. For the first time in, well, I can’t remember how long, I have a library card. The Free Library of Philadelphia has kept me supplied with a steady stream of reading material. And, importantly, it’s all FREE!

Since I read so much and have copious amounts of free time (aka time that I should be spending applying to jobs) I will use My Shelf Space to write reviews and blurbs about the books that I enjoy the post. This blog will 1) ensure that I  (hopefully) don’t forget what I’ve read and 2) provide you, the reader, with book recommendations and/or a space to comment on my reviews of books that you yourself have read, are reading, or have on your to-read list.

Aside from books, I will also post thought provoking current events pieces that I find. You can thank my MA of International Relations for that!

I look forward to creating a space for smart, but not too serious, discussion of books, current events, and anything else that works its way into My Shelf Space!



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